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Meet Your Brand Ambassadors

Influencer marketing can be deceiving… Right!? The ratio of influencers with the ability to influence your audience’s buying decisions, to influencers without that ability is 1 to 10. Yikes! And yet, many influencers like to claim the status with false numbers, leaving many brands like yours wasting dollars on unsuccessful campaigns.

Not to worry, though! Viera is the leading media company with one of the most powerful influencer marketing programs. Working with us means a guaranteed ROI on all influencer efforts.

Socially Conscious Influencers

Here Are The Dominant Traits Of Our 8,000 Influencers Database



Don’t get carried away with thinking that an influencer with many followers is good enough for you. An influencer that cares actively engages with their audience on a qualitative level. Relationship building is at the forefront of their strategies and the best ones build relationships with other high caliber influencers!


Data Backed

Thorough data analyses are executed on our ethical & sustainable influencer database. Even though the presence of false claims is less abundant in this space due to personality traits congruent with social consciousness, we do still find gaps in the database that prevent your brand from wasting influencer dollars.


Moral Compass

Influencers with a moral compass are much more powerful than their vanity peers. A trait as such is sure to draw more committed customers to your brand by leveraging a stronger emotional connection.



Ensuring that an influencer is relatable to our culture is a key component to your campaign’s success. This is largely attributed to their moral compass, language, personality, network, and much more.

What Do These Traits Mean For Your Brand?

Our Socially Conscious Influencers Create The Most Change

Viera is the leading media company in influencer marketing for socially conscious, green technology, ethical, and advocacy brands. We are on a mission to influence the world with sustainable brands like yours.

How Do We Create the Most Change?

Vanity Influence vs. Moral Influence

Moral Compass

At Viera Media, we like to talk about this concept in “Vanity Influence vs Moral Influence” terminology. In other words, influencers that exert vanity influence are revered for their materialistic possessions. However, moral influencers are revered for their values. Whereas vanity influencers tend to generate one time sales, moral influencers will connect with your brand and remain its customers for a very long time. Our arsenal of influencers is very carefully selected with this crucial criteria.

Reflection in Meaningful Metrics

Moral influence means nothing without great numbers! And great numbers need meaningful data behind them. When measuring moral influence, we will quantify quality for you in terms of audience response rates, communication frequency numbers for the average customer, audience subscription rates, and many others.

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