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Google Ads Marketing Agency

Guaranteed Conversions - What We Accomplish

At Viera, we deploy innovative, uniquely customized advertising strategies; relentless optimization and performance improvement to generate the maximum quality engagement for your ad spends.

Immaculate Results with Consistent Returns

We scale conversions with display ads, dynamic search ads, efficient CPA bidding,

and thorough A/B testing to consistently improve CTA, ad images and text.

See how we can help you capitalize the astronomical amount of searches and harness their intent.

Engagement Value at Bull's Eye

At Viera, we ensure that your business goals drive the data that matches your business objectives.


In Total eCommerce Revenue

This includes customer rewards, retargeting loops, and many other factors.


Average ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)

How can we lower Customer Acquisition Costs while increasing the number of customers that remain active buyers within the brand? We leverage Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest for this goal (and others).


In PPC Spend

Intent-based eCommerce is here to stay. Via Google and other search engines, we place you in front of high-quality customers via cost effective strategies


in Email Revenue

We amplify the “nurturing” systems that squeeze the most amount of brand growth out of every customer.

In-depth Competitive Analysis

As a full-funnel e-commerce marketing agency, Viera Media delivers sustainable and innovative e-marketing solutions that align with your company’s vision, enabling returns that jump out of the sheet.

Driving consistent increase in quality web traffic from Google Ads platform is not easy. Finding, nurturing and converting qualified leads are only the beginning. Our long-term strategies for each client are constantly updated with constant monitoring of your competition and research inputs from the latest in the industry. We believe that each competitor presents a unique learning opportunity for our brands to grow.

Once the insights are in, our experienced strategists will get together to build you the best strategy unique to each ad campaign. We will get you the highest quality interactions for your sales funnel at the lowest prices for each interaction.

See what we can do for you.

Landing Page - The Epitome of Conversion Rates

Your search and display ads play a pivotal role. Yet there is another part of paid advertising that numerous individuals disregard: the landing page.

It’s imperative to recollect that once you catch the attention of a prospect, they despite everything need to go to your landing page before they convert. On the off chance that it’s moderate or ugly, you may lose a ton of expected clients.

We have carefully handpicked designers and strategists who have a plethora of experience with making greeting pages that are intended to expand changes.

Furthermore, to ensure that we achieve your targets, we utilize A/B testing to locate the most ideal features and duplicate. The sky is the limit from there!

Impeccable Ads That Compel Your Audience’s Interest

High-resolution ads are now up for grabs everywhere. This means that the creative idea behind the images matter more now than ever before. These ads are the ambassadors for your brand. These ads carry your brand’s voice to the farthest reaches of the Internet. High quality creative for display ads can help you enhance both online and offline marketing messaging and reach out to a much broader audience base.

As with everything else, we bring in data and performance tracking even for our creative. With our data-first approach, we will help target and segment your audience to spot micro and macro opportunities to influence decisions at every level of interaction beyond just conversions from website traffic.

Make Each Dollar Sing In Your Ad Spend

We develop uniquely customized growth strategies for each client based on:
  • Industry-leading expertise on strategic planning and execution with new market/ channel discoveries
  • Complete research on competitors in segment
  • True creative edge and optimization in developing Google Ad assets
  • Relentless ROI optimization
  • Delivering the best creative edge in ad copy, design and CTAs
  • Smart bidding strategy to get the most effective conversions
  • Constant keyword optimization, campaign monitoring and enhanced services such as geo-targeting
  • Advanced campaign consulting (including geo-targeting and day-parting)

Scale Up Your Marketing ROI

Users these days are getting short of the attention span that they have or rather allot even to something that they are committed to. We know the current trends! While drawing users to your website is an important step in conversions, site visitors can become distracted for many reasons. They simply tend to get distracted by mundane events such as phone calls, Facebook notifications, restroom breaks, or emails. This can cause them to leave your website without contacting you or making a purchase.

Remarketing ads make it much easier to bring back the lost visitors through search, display, and social media. Effective remarketing ads keep your brand top-of-mind and give customers a clear path down your sales funnel.

Create Stellar Campaigns for On-smart Customers

As digital consumers mature, most are starting to use diverse shopping channels through a multitude of smart devices. So how do businesses target them all? Who powers search across all these channels?

The answer, inevitably, is Google.

Optimizing the right results on Google Retail can allow you to be a part of your consumer’s psyche – even before they feel the need to search or buy your products/ services. The information you put out becomes a familiar landmark as your customer journeys through Google’s vast digital estates that remains channel and device agnostic.

Our experts at Viera, search results, display network, Gmail and Youtube  and can not only drive sales and traffic, but help you get a better look at your own inventory to select the best performing products and services.  

Make Your Sponsored Listings Count

Getting a great rank in Product Listing Ads (PLAs) is not just a matter of greater spends in the ad budget. For the best results, it is imperative to get the context right in terms of your customers’ queries. Whether you are using Google Search Network or Google Display Network or both, creating the closest match between query and results will get you the maximum potential for conversions. This is because queries on Google are already motivated and has a far wider reach than, say the granular ad settings offered by Facebook.

While we always advise clients to get the best possible organic ranking on SERP, depending on your current campaign goals, it may make sense to invest in the guaranteed rankings of paid search. More importantly, astute investment in paid search makes tracking your ad spends transparent. Viera has an expert team of search specialists on-board who can help you capitalize on the best ROAS through your ad spends on PPC, CPC and CPM.

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