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How a Single Mother of 3 Successfully Launched Her Health Coaching Business

Heather Bagby is a Calgary native, whose family currently resides in the town of Airdrie that is located 15 min north of the city. For the past 15 years, Heather has been a health and nutrition coach at a huge fitness facility in Calgary- incredibly passionate about helping people succeed through lifestyle changes.

Heather knows and understands the benefits of self-serving habits, and how it has affected her life. Heather drinks 1L of water every morning right after waking up, followed by a 30-minute jog and a cold shower. She then meditates, eats a healthy breakfast, and creates a tone for hours to follow until she begins the same cycle the following day!

Sounds hard, right? But as Heather stresses, it actually isn’t. These things may seem difficult to do at first not because they are inherently hard, but because people’s minds and bodies are not accustomed to these routines yet. Over an average period of 66 days, habits become automatic and enjoyable behaviors– such as eating a pizza.  This enables her to succeed with her own personal life, the time management of her kids, all while running her own business.

“I cannot go for more than 2 days without going to the gym, it’s addicting!” she told us.

Months ago, Heather had been referred to Viera Communications by a fellow client, hoping to launch her own business as a single mom of 3 kids. We were quickly inspired by her story and wanted to help her in every way we could.

When Heather first approached Viera Communications, she did not have a website, social media page, or even clients yet. She had just left her previous job and wanted to successfully launch her first business. When we heard about her goals and stage of her business, we immediately knew that a lot of work had to be executed, while keeping the start-up lean by immediately trimming the fat off the costs.

We then applied our 5-step test-and-learn methodology to the process to begin the launch.


1. Develop a clear hypothesis

Our first step was to develop a clear hypothesis. What social channels should we leverage for efficient outreach? What are the most prominent demographics of each social media channel? We quickly knew that for the purpose behind the creative campaign and the age demographic of 35+ years of age (most of which include moms), we had to concentrate the majority of efforts on only one platform in order to preserve perceived brand power.

The second step was to, of course, create a beautiful website that you can see by clicking here. The website is structured with minimal design elements that still please the eye. Not only does this reduce start-up costs, but it also feeds the public a favorable perception of the brand that is professional.


2. Focus on ideas with the highest potential

Once we set up RX Health‘s digital channels, we placed an emphasis on real organic growth to create a relationship with its audience.

It was at this stage, that we launched a free 14-day fitness challenge that targeted local moms:

  • Intended to instill healthy habits that help moms improve their health
  • Implemented with trackable documents geared to show participants evidence of progression while staying away from the scales
  • One winner selected to win a $250 Lululemon card
  • Daily, 10-min check-ins with all participants

In order to promote the challenge, we took a backseat and encouraged Heather to do a lot of the outreach herself through guided SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that we created in order for her to effectively and safely reach out to her target audience. She leveraged:

  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Automation
  • Facebook Pages
  • Local Events
  • Email Marketing

In doing most of the outreach herself, Heather was able to gain knowledge on basic marketing techniques that she could later manage herself while Viera Communications focused on creating new and expert-level funnels for scalability and profitability. She is now able to delegate these tasks to her own and new staff.


3. Figure Out If the Idea Has Staying Power

In order to do this, we executed the challenge while collecting data throughout the promotion and 14 days. As the promotion days passed by, we split tested many message templates and built relationships with moms on the web.

This was extremely important because in any business’ early stages, leveraging and creating meaningful relationships is the leanest and most effective way of building a cult following. We trained Heather on networking skills that enabled her to be every prospect’s friend, as opposed to treating each one of them as a number.

We calculated the response rates (%) of each message that was split tested, and ramped up the winner:

Hey Lori! I’m Heather and I am a single mom of 3. It’s a pleasure to meet you!! I am reaching out to let you know that I’m launching a free 14 – day Ladder Challenge with my health coaching business. You have until Feb 13 to join! It is a very attainable and effective challenge with the intent to help people add healthy habits to their day. Did I mention you could win a $250 Lululemon gift card?? If you are interested, let me know!

We then consistently benchmarked outreach and filled up Heather’s schedule with challenge participants.

As the challenge came to an end, participants would then be encouraged to continue the programming at a discounted monthly rate.

4. Identify Meaningful Success Metrics Early On

When the programming was over, we looked at the number of sales generated and created a ratio relating to the total number of people contacted. This allowed us to solidify an internal case study or a working model with financial and time metrics that we began to further scale with:

  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Virality Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Voicemail Marketing

Heather and Viera Communications have created a successful business model that will be executed many more times in  RX Health’s future while tweaking and experimenting with other business models!

If you are looking to grow your brand with some of the industry’s leading experts, don’t hesitate to book a call with us here.

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